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    Youtube is the new big thing on the Web. But you have to wonder why Youtube got so big so fast?

    … Consider that there are web sites that have existed long before Youtube and did the exact same thing – user generated videos/video sharing.

    As a web designer/web developer, my first instinct would be to look at:

    1. Functionality

    2. Usability

    I found that Youtube is very good in both camps (for the most part,) but so are several other video sharing sites.

    The answer to Youtube’s success:

    Youtube went to the top because of content.

    Unfortunately, the content that drives Youtube is the content that the other big video sharing sites (ethically) removed from their websites – all the professionally produced videos.

    .. We all like to see videos of cats falling off tables once in a while, but let’s be honest, most of us go to Youtube to see copyrighted videos:

    … etc.

    While the other video sharing sites removed copyrighted material, Youtube turned a blind eye (at least that is what I think,) and Youtube saw its’ traffic skyrocket.

    So now Youtube is being sued left and right … they deserve it. If someone was selling ad space from an audience largely attracted by my hard work (not that would ever happen …) I would be pretty pissed off.

    Side note:

    My relatively simple video tutorials take a while to produce: you are taking about 5-7 hrs of work (easily) for every hour of video!


    Google says (Google bought Youtube) that in September it will introduce its’ video filtering technology and flush out the stolen content. I wonder if Youtube’s traffic will go the way of Napster?

    Just in case you forget; Napster was the big name in music sharing (again stolen content,) until they were sued and forced to remove all the big-name songs. Napster has since fallen off the radar … no content.

    Content is King:

    That was the first rule of web design I learned back in 1994:content is king. You have to have good usability etc .. but at the end of the day, a web site needs good content.

    … And that (my nerd friends,) is what Youtube and Napster can teach us about the Web.

    Thanks for reading,

    Stefan Mischook


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