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    { Posted on Jun 05 2012 by seoman }
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    Before presenting your ideas to your client, draw them into your thinking gradually. Shock tactics are all very well, but can spring unfortunate defence mechanisms. Remind the client of the brief that you agreed upon. Show that you have identified the problem and drop a few hints about a possible solution or solutions that you considered, but rejected for some good reason. It may be that you want to illustrate some of these rejected ideas, that makes the case for the final solution a much stronger one.

    Then, having presented your solution, go on to build upon its benefits. Explain why this solution is right – and uniquely so. Concentrate on the communication, whether it is direct or indirect. Don’t expect your client to share your tastes in such things as typefaces or colour schemes, if you have done your job correctly, they will be appropriate for the job – but maybe less conservative than the client might have expected. That is where YOUR creative energies earn more respect.


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