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    From idea to Web page

    { Posted on Jun 10 2012 by seoman }
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    When it comes to producing copy, like this article for instance, I could sit down with Microsoft Word and just type topdown, but I don’t. I use an ancient Mac program called Acta which is more of an ‘ideas processor’.

    I can throw in lots of disjointed thoughts initially and then rearrange them by simply dragging and dropping on the screen. I can construct a skeleton of the article, and then go in and fill-in the details.

    Word has such an ‘outliner’ built-in too but Acta is so much simpler – I feel that I am fighting with Word rather than using it. Unlike the visual creative work, I prefer the computer to pencil and paper for writing.

    For design and layouts, I invariably start on paper until such times as I have a basic visual concept. This may only be the very roughest of scribbles or notes but it works best for me to do it this way.


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