• Avoiding, and using clicheacute;s

    { Posted on Jun 10 2012 by seoman }
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    There are dozens, if not hundreds of site layout styles that we see over and over again. You can call them, ‘tried and tested’, ‘popular styles’, ‘classic looks’, ‘Style #14b’ or whatever. Yes, it is difficult, if not impossible, to be totally original but the fact is that people take shortcuts for reasons of time pressure, budget restrictions or simply because they don’t have an idea in their heads!

    Me-Toos and clichés are rife on the Web yet it is still possible, with a little wit, to take a cliché and parody it so that it becomes fresh and new – because you have looked at it another way, given it a new twist, put the originality back.

    Clichés are just well-worn, unoriginal ideas but they provide an invaluable point of reference if used imaginatively.


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