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    In the business of web design (any business really,) there are two fundamental rules of risk you can use to evaluate whether or not you should take a particular risk:

    1. If what you are attempting do does not work out … will it kill you?

    2. Does the potential gain justify the risk?


    There is an old gamblers expression someone taught me years ago that sums this up nicely:

    ‘Don’t go to the track with money you can’t afford to lose.’

    This rule tells you, that you should not take any risk that would kill your business, ifthe riskshould prove unsuccessful. Keep in mind that most business projects fail; yep, most business ventures, new products whatever … fail!

    All-or-nothing type gambles may work once or twice, but eventually something will screw up. If you are one of those guys/girls who puts it ‘all on the line’ everytime, you are doomed to struggle the rest of your life.

    As a web designerbuilding a business, you need to learn to take calculated risk that if they should fail, you will be able to continue along as you did before.

    For example; lets take a look at a classic situation: the big contract.

    Many times when people start a new business, they want to go after the big contract with the big clients right away.

    … This is a fatal mistake because of a few things:

    Trying to take on a big contract is a high risk decision because chances are you will not get the contract. Also, the process of trying to get it will cost a lot … possibly your business. It is not worth the risk.

    You are better to go after byte-sized contracts and slowly build up a stable of clients that will help you develop your web design work-flow and your financial base. In time you will be able to tackle the larger projects knowing that if you don’t land them, it won’t sink you.

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