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    Firefox Plugins for Web Designers. – Web design video tutorials for beginners

    { Posted on Jun 09 2012 by seoman }
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    Firefox is the Web browser of choice for most web designer’s, because it is fast and it sticks to the Web standards better than say IE6 or IE7.

    That said, Firefox has a bunch of other features that makes it attractive to Web professionals. One of the big ones for me, is the ability for anyone to add to Firefox’s core functionality by way of plugins.


    My only complaint about Firefox plugins is that the Firefox nerds don’t call them ‘plugins’! Instead they use the terms ‘add-ons’ and ‘extensions’. Besides that little issue, Firefox plug-ins turn this nimble Web browser into an important tool for Web designers.

    My Favorite Web Designer Add-ons

    The Firefox add-ons collection is growing continuously … and many are not just for Web designers too.

    But, since this is killersites.com, we will look at my top three Web designer centric add-ons for Firefox:

    1. MeasureIt: a plug-in ruler for Firefox.

    2. ColorZilla: a plug-in for color picking.

    3. Firebug: a plug-in for inspecting CSS and HTML code.

    Firebug Screenshot – click to enlarge

    To help make things as clear as possible, I’ve created a video tutorial that demonstrate and installation and use of these very useful web developer plug-ins.

    Video Tutorial:Firefox Plug-ins Video Tutorial.


    Stefan Mischook


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