• Creative flow and barriers

    { Posted on Jun 09 2012 by seoman }
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    When faced with creative constipation, most designers will head straight for the bookshelf and start flicking through design annuals looking for inspiration – I do it myself. This is okay if it is inspiration you are after and you are not just looking for someone else’s ideas or layouts to copy. Remember, those design you are looking at in the books are solution to different problems and unlikely to be the answer to yours.

    Yet still, leafing through loads of fresh ideas does have the effect of freeing-up one’s mind and getting the creative juices flowing. Without directly copying any of the ideas you see, you can use them as a catalyst to form new ideas of your own. Isn’t it great if you can take a design that you already admire and improve upon it?

    Anyway, a constantly updated library of other designers’ work not only gives you a perspective, it reminds you that there are standards that should not only be maintained, but bettered.


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