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    { Posted on Jun 08 2012 by seoman }
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    I don’t want to go on too long on how you should not be so concerned about failure … for fear of sounding like one of those self-help ‘gurus’. Ack!

    But it needs to be quickly address anyhow …

    Why are people so fearful of failure?

    … Wait a second, that’s a really stupid question!

    People hate to fail because we’ve been conditioned to think it’s terrible:

    The problem with this FALSE belief is that it does not reflect reality and the patterns of the most accomplished people.

    … To get anywhere, you have to try and fail. And then try again … and fail. And then try again.


    When you fail at something, you can be sure that you are moving towards developing a new skill. If you’ve never failed, it is probably because you never challenged yourself – that’s a bad thing.


    As you travel on the road to developing your web design business, you will undoubtedly face a few failures along the way.

    … Don’t get too down on yourself when you do hit the expected road-blocks! Just recognize where you messed up and try not to do it again, and move on.

    Stefan Mischook



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