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    Gamma Toggle FKEY

    { Posted on Jun 08 2012 by seoman }
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    Usually, I try to keep reviews non-platform specific but as this month’s editorial is biased towards Mac users anyway, this review will be of more interest to them. If anyone knows of a similar product for PCs, please let me know.

    If you work in both print and Web design you need to adjust your monitor gamma differently for each situation.

    The default Mac gamma of 1.8 gives a fairly accurate preview of how a picture will look on a printed page and assumes that there will be a slight ‘dot gain’ as the ink spreads a little on each halftone dot.

    Designing for the Web or video, monitor gamma should be set at 2.2. If you want to see what the typical PC Web surfer is going to see, you need to set your monitor gamma to 2.5.

    All this can be done through the Monitors and Sound Control Panel but there is a much more convenient way, it’s called GammaToggle FKEY by Roland Gustafsson.

    If you are comparatively new to the Mac, you won’t understand what FKEY means because they are seldom used these days. An FKEY is a tiny program that makes something happen when you press a certain key combination. The closest thing to an FKEY these days is when you hit Shift/Command/3 to do a screen grab but earlier Macs had all kinds of FKEYs to carry out often used functions.

    What GammaToggle FKEY does is simply what it says, it switches the screen gamma by pressing Shift/Command/9. It circles around between the Mac default 1.8, the gamma set in your Monitors and Sound Control Panel, and the PCs 2.5 so, if you have set your gamma to 2.2, it will cycle through 1.8, 2.2, 2.5 at the press of a few keys. That’s all!

    If you want to optimise your Web graphics for cross platform browsers without the expense of buying a PC, a PC emulator program and GammaToggle FKEY is all you need.

    GammaToggle FKEY is free, all Roland asks for is a ‘thank you’ – so, thank you, Roland – very much!

    GammaToggle FKEY



    Ease of Use


    Value for Money


    ‘Must Have’ Factor



    Roland Gustafsson


    Just a Thank You


    Indispensible for Mac Web designers!


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