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    Many of my best articles come from email questions put to me by readers.

    In this case, we have someone asking what to charge for private web design training.

    The email:

    i’ve been a member of your newsletter for years .. BIG FAN!

    i recently met a guy that owns/founded an SEO company here in New York that works from home and is VERY successful/wealthy… he asked that i teach him photoshop and flash cs3.

    i have NO IDEA what to quote him.

    He wants to learn basic image manipulation in photoshop and then learn buttons, headers, and small PowerPoint like presentations in flash.

    So minimal actionscript, tweening, and movie clip galore!

    I assume i would charge him hourly….

    i have an associates degree from WEA in interactive media about 5 years web design experience, and have been a flash developer for a fortune 500 company for just over 2 years now…

    Can you help me come up with a good price to quote…keep in mind he may outsource work to me in the future so i need a strong price now so i can make real money later on, but not scare him away..





    What you charge depends on:

    1. How good you are? Or how good your are perceived to be …

    2. What part of the world you are in. If say, you live in NewYork, then the cost would be much higher than say if you lived in Montreal Quebec.

    3. Check in local newspapers or online, for typical rates charged by private tutors and use that as a guide.

    4. Finally, what do you need to make (in terms of money,) to make it worth while? Remember to consider your travel time, not just the time you’re are sitting there with him.

    Final comment:

    Don’t go ever go in cheap thinking it will lead to better rates down the road. Once you establish your rate (per hour,) it will be hard to push it up. So choose carefully.

    Stefan Mischook


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