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    Idea22.com Updates – Web design video tutorials for beginners

    { Posted on Jun 05 2012 by seoman }
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    With some of my post, I try to come up with a story to add a little ‘color’ my writing…. my mother complains when I don’t.

    Unfortunately, unless you want to hear about the ongoing saga of my teeth, I haven’t much to say.

    OK, I have something to say:

    One thing that painful teeth have taught me; take care of little things before they turn into big things. Otherwise you risk an expensive and painful punishment for being lazy.

    Which reminds me of an expression (I think?) I came up with:

    “You either pay now … or you pay later with interest!”

    Keep that in mind in all aspects of life.

    Onto things nerd-like:

    We made some good progress getting the new free video tutorial website up and running – www.idea22.com.

    We now have a cool new interface that allows you to quickly browse through the last 50 videos. We’ve fixed a lot of bugs and polished up the look of the site overall. You should also check out the full-screen view of the videos – I think they are the sharpest on the Web.

    That’s all well and good, but what’s in it for you? Well, we got a bunch of new videos up on things like:

    * – Web design

    * – PHP

    * – Photoshop

    I invite you to take a look, join up and please comment on the videos and the site. We are still doing a lot of work and your input will help us build a better web site.

    Some specific pages:



    A few of videos are actually from the killersites.com archive … buried deep in killersites.com. I am moving them all to idea22.com over the next little while so they are easy to find.


    Stefan Mischook


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