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    { Posted on Jun 07 2012 by seoman }
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    No, it’s not some new Web design software that you haven’t heard of yet. Solitude is sometimes confused with loneliness but it’s not the same at all. You can be lonely in an office full of people, but you won’t have solitude. Solitude is like putting your environment into neutral gear so that you are not distracted when you are trying to think.

    I live and work in London, UK right below the flight path to Heathrow, probably the World’s busiest airport yet solitude is not hard to find.

    My idea of solitude is walking in Isabella Plantation in nearby Richmond Park. It is an idyllic woodland garden totally cut off from the World at large.

    Below the tall tree are Rhododendron and Azalea bushes, meandering paths and trickling streams that lead to small ponds with water fowl and fish, all busy doing nothing.

    There aren’t any seats as such, but there are a few roughly hewn logs where I can sit and contemplate. I have a couple of laptop computers but I prefer a small notebook in these surroundings because I am putting down ideas, not hard and fast copy or graphics.

    Freed from the distractions of the World, the telephone, people asking questions, ideas can flow. The fact that it is extremely pleasant is a bonus.

    If you are tied to an office desk all day, solitude may be elusive, and so might inspiration. Hopefully, you won’t have to look too far.




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    Essential for a clear mind and free flowing ideas!


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